It is 1958 when Aurelio Carlo Mazzoli resigns from Director of the prestigious Gimbel, Saks FA and Neiman Marcus office in Florence to establish a new buying office that will carry his name: A.C.Mazzoli.

It is a period of great improvements for Florence: the Made in Italy is becoming a synonym of style and quality all over the world, and the buying offices are helping the international buyers to secure the best productions and manage the overseas purchase orders. Through the years, the requests of the customers become more articulate. A.C. Mazzoli renews its organization, continuously evolving its working methodology and technical knowledge.

At the same time, the characteristics of commercial fairness and constant attention to the needs of its customers remains the company’s mission.

The history of A.C.Mazzoli is strictly tied to the one of the Florence territory, so much as to be cited in researches and college studies devoted to the buying office world.

Today, the company is run by Guido and Carlo Mazzoli, sons of the founder.