How we can help


Our work is made of various services of assistance, consultancy and control. Altogether, they cover all the phases, ranging from the preliminary sourcing to the shipment of the final products and the assistance for any administrative and custom formalities.

The following are the different services that we can offer you:

Assistance and market research

An advanced service of consultancy, to move from the beginning in the right direction.


The selection of the right product and of the best producer is the first key step to start the production process. For making a good choice, it is necessary to know the areas of production, the most reliable companies, the market trends, the technical characteristics of the product required.

Assistance in Fairs

Are you planning to visit a Fair? To have the best results, we offer you a personal, logistic and commercial assistance – to organize meetings with the best suppliers and assist you in the negotiations, as well as helping you with your trips.

We will be with you both in the Italian exhibitions and in the main European Fairs, from Frankfurt to Paris.

Product development

We support the brands that choose to work with our office step by step, from the first design to the development of the prototype, and, once this is approved, to the final production.

Follow up of the purchase orders

Daily monitoring, problem solving, quality assurance on raw materials, semi-finished and final products, control of the production timelines: our buying office follows your purchase orders with the same care you would use yourself and with the experience and the professionality that is the characteristic of A. C. Mazzoli.

Assistance on letters of credit, administrative and custom operations

Our experience in the export of different types of merchandise will allow you to save time and money starting the custom and administrative operations in the best way, and to have always somebody you can count on for the speedy resolution of the problems that might arise.