Product categories

Inside our staff, you will be followed by professional people expert in the merchandise area of your interest.

To guarantee excellent products with a very good quality-price ratio, we select mainly Italian items and producers, and some of the best European productions.

The following are the production areas in which we can offer you our help and our experience:

  • Leatherwear and footwear
    Handbags, small leather goods (belts, wallets, purses, etc), men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes.
  • Fashion accessories
    Scarves, hats, gloves, socks and stockings.
  • Knitwear and apparel
    Women’s, men’s and children’s knitwear, sportswear and outerwear.
  • Food
    All categories of food products, in which Italy is the top world producer, from all Italian regions. An area where labelling and custom regulations are very strict and detailed, and require deep knowledge and experience.
  • Household and gift
    Ceramic and glassware, kitchenware, decorative items, table and bed linens.